what to wear to the gym

What to Wear to the Gym

What to wear to the gym is a conundrum faced by many men around the world. Personally my workout performance is significantly better when I’m looking good at the same time. The gym is also a fantastic place to meet females which is where the importance of dressing stylishly whilst working out plays a significant role. Most men feel more sociable when they look good which can aid in meeting like minded people at the gym. Find included a most wanted list of the best pieces to consider when pondering what to wear to the gym.


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what to wear to the gym

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No males want to stand out in a negative manner and wear an outfit which hampers athletic performance when solving what to wear to the gym. The key is to wear clothes which are both comfortable and modern. The best gym clothes are non restrictive from head to toe whilst emphasizing your body’s best features. For finding what to wear to the gym, darker clothes are essential to hide any perspiration whilst making your shoulders appear broader and waist slimmer.


High quality socks and footwear are also essential and can be interchanged based on the type of routine being done. In modern times, innovations in fitness garment materials can also tame body odour, reduce chafing, and mop up sweat. Purchasing garments made specifically for fitness can be a great idea to find what to wear to the gym.


Gym Tops


Cotton T shirts are the most appropriate option when finding what to wear to the gym. Wearing a sweatshirt whilst your workout progresses can be a significant deterrent distracting your focus from achieving your fitness objectives. It is however a smart idea to wear a hoodie over your top both when travelling to the gym and whilst leaving.


Men with narrow frames (ectomorphs) generally tend to have larger biceps and triceps which is where a tighter t-shirt will allow their best features to be displayed. Endomorphs usually have larger frames and tend to struggle to build big arms. Genetics can be outworked however from determination and effort. An oversized t shirt will flatter those with a larger frame whilst also providing a shaping effect on the waist. My solution to what to wear to the gym is now a oversized ASOS black t-shirt, which replaced a slim fit American Apparel basic black Tee.


Vests look great on men with low body fat and significant muscle mass. Vests start to look sloppy on men above 15% body fat or men new to the gym who body might not reflect the confidence they display in their choice of outfit. Vests are a great solution to what to wear to the gym for those guys who are doing a more cardio intensive workout.


what to wear to the gym

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what to wear to the gym

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what to wear to the gym

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Gym Bottoms


When finding what to wear to the gym, bottoms must provide adequate coverage whilst being non constraining. Cotton shorts, sweatpants or track pants are generally the most popular and recommended option. Regular gym goers should posses an assortments of garments for various exercises and routines.


The right style of bottoms should complement the workout being done. For cardio exercises like jogging, rowing and biking a pair of shorts will be most appropriate. For weightlifting shorts are not necessary however may still be the best option depending on what makes you feel most comfortable. Comfort is key when finding what to wear to the gym.


Breathable fabrics are also essential to keeping cool whilst exercising. Long trousers may be hazardous on certain exercises due to their restrictive nature. Exercising with a full range of motion is essential to achieve ambitious fitness goals. For the best solution to what to wear to the gym, ability to do your workout routine to the highest level should be a discerning factor.


what to wear to the gym

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What to wear to the gym

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What to wear to the gym

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High quality footwear is crucial both to last the test of time and provide the best foundation for your workout when finding what to wear to the gym. High quality footwear is an investment which could actually end up being cheaper in the long run. Comfort is the most important factor when selecting what to wear to the gym and this is even more significant in the case of footwear.


For runners, shoes designed for running will be most appropriate whilst weightlifters have a wide range of footwear to select that is suitable. Men seeking to build mass need to choose the footwear which will provide the right balance and stance in order to maximise the workout.


Trainers are really the only option here to get the very best out of your workout. Stay away from pumps such as toms/vans at any cost. Paying more for premium trainers could be worth the investment long term especially if it means you do not wear your casual everyday trainers to the gym. Buying specialist trainers designed for fitness use can be a great way to find what to wear to the gym.

What to wear to the gym

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What to wear to the gym

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What to wear to the gym

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Gym Accessories


Any gym outfit is incomplete without suitable accessories. A discrete but stylish gym bag is an essential piece to carry all of your belongings. Accessories are the extra factor which make your outfit stand out. Purchasing suitable, high quality accessories is essential when finding a solution for what to wear to the gym.

what to wear to the gym

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Accessories designed to improve performance such as wrist wraps or a weight belt can give you the extra edge to push past your old benchmarks in order to achieve your strength and conditioning fitness objectives.


My gym performance is far better when listening to music, a pair of well made earphones are vital in making working out fun in order to achieve the consistency of a fitness lifestyle. I use the Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2, these are widely considered to be the very best earphones under £50 and arguably even £100.


what to wear to the gym

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Your gym bag should also carry your fitness supplements and shaker. I use MyProtein supplements with their whey protein being the favoured choice of athletes around the world. Optimum Nutrition whey protein is also popular however additionally more expensive.  Whey Protein is proven to increase muscle synthesis by 30% when ingested in a 30-minute window post workout.


what to wear to the gym


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