what to wear for university

What to Wear for University

University is one of the greatest milestones in anyone’s life. Student nights, student loans and student living – a time where independence is found, and boundaries are crossed. Individuality blossoms, and that includes experimenting with styles to find your niche. Daunting at first, University has its stereotypical cliques. From sport socials to societies, dressing right fundamentally acknowledges you in these categories. September is looming and for those who are preparing for freshers, here’s a guide of what to wear for university. 

The Electro DJ

Usually spotted at the vintage kilo sale, the edgy student is all about wavy garms, 80s prints and classic luxury brands. Styled to appear that no effort was made, the edgy look has established a craze amongst the elite. A vintage essence is obligatory, so thrift shops will become your best friend. Brand merch jumpers are an essential when deciding what to wear for university. Think along the lines of old school Tommy Hilfiger, Champion and Ralph Lauren, which are core brands that define the edgy look, adding a hint of luxury fashion into your student apparel. Oversized jackets are also necessities, with classic sheep skin suede and 80s shell suit overcoats being accustomed to the edgy niche. And finally, the footwear is crucial to accomplish the ultimate edgy appearance. Reebok classics and Nike Air Force 1’s are timeless renditions and versatile options that complete any outfit style to wear for university.  

what to wear for university

The Athlete

If you’re enrolling on a sports course, then what to wear for university is simple. The athleisure style is a common feature on campus, combining comfort and panache to distinguish who’s the athlete amongst the student population. Tapered sweatpants combined with a polished, brand merch polo, elongates the silhouette for a refined stance. For additional sleekness, a quality sports bag is a practical asset around campus. A classic Fred Perry duffle bag is an ideal choice, enabling a confident, yet relaxed posture when carried on one shoulder, or for a more iconic university style, the Herschel collection of backpacks are exceptional style accessories to complete a suave, athletic appeal. 

what to wear for university

The Hipster

Challenging the norms and seeking pure individualism, the hipster style is a relatively new niche when choosing what to wear to university. Characterised with masculine sleekness, rugged beards, and choppy textured hair styles the hipster is a suave style for what to wear to university. Checked shirts, skinny jeans, and polished shirts are classic hipster vibes, modernising trilby hats for a unique, macho trend. The attention to detail is exquisite in the hipster style, with braces being reintroduced to contemporary men’s fashion, adding a classy, genteel feel. Styled right, the hipster look will certainly cause envious gazes from fellow students, showcasing an urbane and polished trend that every man wants to achieve when considering what to wear to university. 

what to wear for university

The Oxbridge Student 

Even if you don’t get accepted into the most prestigious university in Britain, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress like a posh boy from Cambridge or Oxford. Renowned for there lavish lifestyle and champagne sipping, the fashion of the elite is a classic style for what to wear to university. To become a gentleman, one must first know how to dress like one. Think along the lines of Ralph Lauren shirts, laundered chinos and quality knitted sweatshirts (tied across the shoulders, of course) for an incredible take on sophistication at it’s finest. And for the evening socials, the exquisite tailoring standards of Hugo Boss will incorporate luxury finery into your university wardrobe, establishing yourself as a true gentleman. For those who want to make a statement entrance into university, this style is without doubt the finest option of what to wear for university. 

what to wear for university

The Boho Hippie

For those who ventured on a gap year and found their inner peace and tranquillity on the paradise beaches of Bali, the bohemian style trend is a key contender in the trends of what to wear to university. Spreading peace and love across the campus, bohemian patterned harem pants and two strap Birkenstocks are symbolic apparel for the well-travelled student. Sombre palette t shirts are essential pieces, with emphasise on a V neck to enable a platform for beaded necklaces to be showcased. High street brands like All Saints are pioneers of the innovative, cool and airy fashion of the bohemian design, adding quality fabrication and stitching for the perfect hippie garments. 

There is an array of styles for men when they begin their journey of independence at university, so when considering what to wear for university, it is essential to express your personality through your clothing style to accentuate your own niche and stand out from the crowd. 

what to wear for university

What To Wear For University (Most Wanted List)

what to wear for university
Tommy Hilfiger Logo T-shirt
what to wear for university
Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Cap
what to wear for university
Polo Ralph Lauren Zip Hoodie
what to wear for university

Versace Jeans Chevron Hoodie
Y3 Classic T-Shirt
A.P.C Petit Standard Jeans
Ralph Lauren Green Shirt

Our Legacy Beige Carpenter Trousers
All Saints Tsuru Shirt
All Saints Rigg Hightop

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