best men's short hairstyles

Best Mens Short Hairstyles for Summer

The fictional creation of Tommy Shelby graced the screens back in 2013, introducing the world to the lavish lifestyle of the Peaky Blinders. Since then the iconic style of the 1920’s has impacted not only men’s fashion but also men’s hairstyles. The undercut sides and textured crop haircut has been a prevalent choice in the […]

best men's tote bags

Menswear Essentials: Tote Bags (Best Men’s Tote Bags)

Accessorising is an important aspect to master any men’s styling and the tote bag has become a menswear essential since its growing popularity. The classic tote bag is a practical, yet modish supplement to enhance sleekness. The tote bag is a modernised refraction of bag design, innovating a more lightweight material into a purposeful carrier, […]

best Kanye West clothing

Style Guide: Kanye West (Best Kanye West Clothing)

Kanye West has always been an exhibitionist. Since the release of The College Dropout back in 2004, the rising star has been a headline phenomenon. From his controversial tweets, questionable award speeches and his undeniable lyrical talent, he uses various platforms to engrain his expressions. His unshakeable self-belief embeds confidence in all aspects of his work and […]

best men's Balenciaga clothing

Brand Profile: Balenciaga (Best Men’s Balenciaga Clothing)

The house of Balenciaga was founded in 1917 and is known as both one of the longest running fashion companies in the world and for reinventing the concept of clothing and design. Originally started in Spain, Cristobal Balenciaga established his work in the French capital, adding an essence of sophistication to the Parisian scene, way […]

best men's leather backpacks

Menswear Essentials: Leather Backpack (Best Men’s Leather Backpacks)

Throughout the fashion decades, the backpack has become an essential feature, engrained within the best men’s accessories. From a time where only students and adventurers would be seen with a backpack for the practicalities, today’s generation incorporate backpacks for a statement look. The evolution of the backpack has grown in variability, as the fashion industry […]

best men's long hairstyles

Best Men’s Long Hairstyles for Summer

Long hairstyles for men have grown in popularity over the years, with footballers, Hollywood actors and rock stars being a selection of celebrities who have sported the best men’s long hairstyles and setting new trends for men with long hair. Breaking the gender norm, men are now able to grow their hair long whilst still embracing […]

best men's Balmain clothing

Brand Profile: Balmain (Best Men’s Balmain Clothing)

The House of Balmain was founded in the French capital by Pierre Balmain, in 1945. Established by the use of simplistic, pastel washed fabrics and refined lines, Balmain’s first haute couture line was launched in the October of the founding year, making way for a unique, quintessential fashion style that has pioneered the way of […]

Style Guide: Techwear (Best Men’s Techwear Clothing)

Utilising industrialised features bound with concepts of fashion, Techwear is the upcoming statement style all men need to embrace. The focus on functionality enhances practicality into the forefront of men’s fashion. Emphasis of Techwear lies on building layers and keeping a structured composition. This unique rendition of athleisure is ahead of its time, a style […]

best men's black sweatshirts

Menswear Essentials: Black Sweatshirt (Best Men’s Black Sweatshirt)

Within any fashion trend there is always an essential piece that can be reworked to switch up any outfit style. From slim fit jeans to a camo jacket, one single essential garment can make a statement look effortlessly stylish. The classic black sweatshirt is a key purchase for any men’s style. Incorporated into the designs […]

best men's A Cold Wall clothing

Brand Profile: A Cold Wall (Best Men’s A Cold Wall Clothing)

As a relatively new brand to the high luxury world of fashion, A Cold Wall has made a huge impact with its aesthetic consistency of innovative structured compositions, blurring the boundaries between streetwear and high fashion. In 2015, Samuel Ross self-funded his clothing line and brought to life his artistic essence. A Cold Wall was […]