how to whiten your teeth

How To Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth are an important part of physical attractiveness, and nothing radiates a well-groomed man like pristine, white teeth. There are a range of dental products on the market that can aid teeth whitening for your daily routine, without having to take a trip to the dreaded dentist. From mouthwashes to preventive methods, it only takes a few changes to your lifestyle and your smile will be glowing in no time. Read on for a guide on how to whiten your teeth.


Whitening Toothpaste


Daily brushing and flossing is a routine part of oral hygiene, creating a solid foundation on how to whiten your teeth. However, standard toothpastes aren’t always substantial enough and more specialised products should be utilised into daily teeth care to help whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening toothpastes contain core ingredients that are significant in how to whiten your teeth. A toothpaste containing activated charcoal is a perfect condiment to achieve pearly white teeth. The gentle whitening technique not only leaves teeth whiter than white, but strengthens enamel and improves gum health, leaving teeth fresh and pristine for that ultimate gentleman smile. For those who have sensitive teeth, do not fret, Sensodyne is a pioneer in how to whiten your teeth. The low-abrasive paste gently removes stains, whilst protecting sensitive areas. How to whiten your teeth is simple, if brushed twice a day with a quality whitening toothpaste.


how to whiten your teeth

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Zoom Whitening


A trip to the dentist might be in order if you need a quick solution to immediate whitened teeth. A relatively new procedure has been established within the professional dentistry environment. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is a safe and effective procedure in how to whiten your teeth. Covering the lips and gums, a hydrogen peroxide gel is coated onto the exposed teeth while zoom light is activated to combat plaque, stains and discolouration, making teeth cleaner and whiter in just over 15 minutes. Aftercare is essential to keep your teeth whitened, so make sure your oral hygiene, floss skills and brushing techniques are of high standard, post treatment, because it is a vital aspect on how to whiten your teeth.


how to whiten your teeth


Home Whitening


If you would rather leave how to whiten your teeth to the confidents of your home, home teeth whitening trays are an exceptional product that incorporates the techniques of the zoom teeth whitening procedure. The mouth palettes are custom made for a comfortable fixture. The cosmetic tray is filled with whitening gel and placed in the mouth (like a gum shield) to give a full coverage of bleaching the teeth. The home teeth whitening trays is a painless, effective way to gain whitened teeth, brightening up that smile immediately.


how to whiten your teeth

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Preventative Whitening


No matter how much whitening procedures you receive, or how often you use whitening products, if you aren’t conscious of what the exposures of daily life can have on your teeth, the purpose of whitening products is defeated. Preventative methods can be taken that do not include products on how to whiten your teeth. Foods and drinks are dangerous factors in staining teeth, contributing to discoloration and a yellowing tint. Red wine, coffee and smoking are not only detrimental to your health, but also damaging to teeth, eroding enamel and leaving noticeable stains. By decreasing your coffee intake, it can make a huge impact on the whiteness of your teeth. To really achieve the ultimate set of whitened teeth, be vigorous with your choice of whitening products, and also be aware of the effects food and drinks have on your teeth, opting for less damaging elements such as water and spirits (rather than the wine!).


To accompany your toothpaste, a mouthwash enables teeth extra success in how to whiten your teeth, as well as adding extra freshness. Mouthwash formulas rinse way bacteria and stains, leaving your mouth minty fresh and your teeth dazzlingly white. A mouth wash is an ideal accompaniment to your daily cleaning routine, helping prevent decay and erosion.  If used weekly with a whitening toothpaste, you will find a cheap and easy solution to how to whiten your teeth.


how to whiten your teeth

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