How to become taller

How to Become Taller

What are the Benefits of being Tall?

How to become taller is a question pondered by many around the globe. One statistic which may startle you is 58% of Fortune 500 (The 500 largest U.S companies by revenue) CEO’s are 6 foot or over in comparison to just 14.5% of men in the U.S population. In addition, a study found every inch of height leads to a $789 annual average increase in salary. Research has also found taller man are more likely to be married and have more children which indicates the effect of height on physical attractiveness and thus reproductive success.


An argument states humans are hard wired to see tall people as more ‘leader-like’ which leads to more favorable responses and more social opportunities being granted to those of greater height. This stems from the cavemen days when taller males where selected as leaders of tribes due to their greater ability to physically defend their people. For men wondering how to become taller, read on for the most practical solutions.


As a guy who has met a significant amount of girls, when asked on their type around 90% of girls have said ‘Tall, dark and handsome’. If not for my height of 6 foot 1 I acknowledge many aspects of my life would be completely different. This would include my success with girls, social relationships with guys in addition to the level of lenience and respect granted to me by teachers and work colleagues. Height is also a major insecurity for many  men. I hope men reading this article use their insecurity as motivation in order to learn how to become taller. If you are not already tall – there is no need to despair. Luckily we live in the 21st century and there is a wealth of options available in order to increase your height. I will discuss the best options to solve how to become taller below going in order of convenience and accessibility.


Methods to Increase Height


Improving Posture


Looking in the mirror and turned to your side, there should be an invisible line from your earlobe down to your hip, knee and ankle. If there isn’t practice everyday on keeping your shoulders relaxed back and chest pushed out until this line could be hypothetically drawn.


How to become taller


Sitting in a desk chair without paying attention to your spine for 8 hours a day does nothing but increase spinal shrinkage with age. The key is to ensure you are sat straight and adjust your computer to your eye line rather than hunching in order to complete your work. Placing a tennis ball where your lower back rests against the chair and ensuring the ball is kept in place is another method to maintain good posture.


Posture can also be affected by poor form when weightlifting. Deadlifts are a fantastic method to strengthen your lower back and reduce spinal compression. Technique is key and the secret is to keep your abs tight and ensure your back remains straight whilst getting the barbell as close to your knees as possible before pushing your chest out until you are upright. Deadlifts are a fantastic answer to how to become taller due to the permanent positive height benefits of regularly deadlifting and improving your posture.


Weak core muscles can cause development of poor posture through slumping forwards. The core is also an often undertrained muscle group which can further magnify this effect and negate the solutions on how to become taller. Planking is one of the most effective ways to improve core strength due to its requirement of minimal movement whilst contracting all layers of the abdominal fascia. The plank is done by placing your elbows and top of feet on the floor, tensing your abs and keeping your back straight. This position should be held as long as possible with multiple sets per week.


How to become taller


Wearing Insoles


Insoles are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to answer how to become taller. Insoles can however can cause lower back pain when worn for too long a duration so I would only recommend sporadic usage in occasions when greater height would be an advantage. This includes bars, nightclubs, dates, whilst networking and perhaps for interviews.


A standard insole size is 1.5 inches which however will not normally fit into regular shoes or trainers without making walking difficult. The key is to size up one or two sizes on your shoes or trainers which will ensure a good fit. Insoles can be seen as embarrassing for certain men wondering how to become taller, however I would recommend putting your ego aside and taking every advantage you can.


I also would personally recommend not bothering with standard footwear when using insoles. A 1.5-inch insole can fit into your regular size boot which should lead to a height increase of at least 3 inches in total whilst remaining comfortable.  Black Timberland classic 6 inch boots would be my suggestion to purchase in your regular size to remain stylish whilst also keeping comfort. For formal occasions a Chelsea boot would also be appropriate for this purpose.


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Wearing Elevator Shoes


Elevator shoes are a favourite Hollywood solution to how to become taller with actors such as Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr and Brad Pitt being regular wearers. Although wearing elevator shoes can be more expensive than insoles, a greater level of comfort and more significant height increase can be achieved. Comfort is a very important factor in finding the most appropriate method in solving how to become taller. Consistency has to be achieve for long term results and a greater level of comfort will play a large factor in consistency.


Elevator shoes normally contain optimized insoles where the heel is no longer needed to be arched as with insoles. This leads to a raised flat sole which provided a height boost whilst maintaining the comfort of regular shoes. Elevator shoes are also more discreet than insoles due to the insole being hidden within the shoe. For those guys who are scared about being ‘found out’ this may be an argument in favour of elevator shoes over insoles.


Elevator shoes are rare to find in brick and mortar retail stores so I would recommend taking a look at Amazon to find elevator shoes which would suit your taste. Sometimes it can be hard to find elevator shoes which stylishly provide a solution for how to become taller, which is why insoles within stylish boots might be a better option for some.


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Growth Hormone Therapy


Growth hormone (GH) deficiency is normally treated in children and teenagers with GH being administrated into the body. This can be expensive however extremely effective in leading to growth spurts. The treatment is also usually relatively painless due to the usage of tiny insulin syringes.


The FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi is an example case study of the success of GH therapy. Many would argue without GH treatment Messi would not have had the level of success he has been able to achieve through his career. Growth hormone therapy is perhaps the most effective solution to how to become taller in younger people.


Growth Hormone therapy will only be effective in increasing height if the growth plates have not yet closed. On the internet there are multiple reports of GH usage leading to height increases at the late ages of 20-24 due to growth plates still remaining open. An X-Ray of your limbs is necessary to ascertain if the epiphyseal (growth) plates are closed and if GH supplementation would be worthwhile. A number of anti aging clinics in the US and UK offer GH supplementation for those asking how to become taller for around $600 – $1000 a month.


Leg Lengthening Surgery


This surgery works through distraction osteogenesis, the tibia and/or fibula bones in the shins are broken in two segments which are gradually pulled apart at a rate of 1mm a day. New bone will be generated in the gap leading to greater limb length and an overall height increase. The procedure can also be done on the femur bone in the thighs however this can be riskier.


how to become taller


The surgery normally costs around $85 000 in the US and £50 000 in the UK with an average natural height increase of around 3 inches. The procedure can also be carried out in India where it is more affordable however this is not generally recommended due to the lack of regulation and experience of a significant number of the Indian surgeons who offer this procedure. The procedure is also becoming steadily more popular in China and Russia. The risk of something going wrong is significant so this is a option where waiting for surgeon experience to increase along with technological medical advancements is worthwhile before surgery is considered in any shape for men asking how to become taller.


The surgery normally takes 3 hours with the patient being immobile for 3-4 months. There is said to be significant pain involved in addition to the patient having to wear crutches whilst being slowly nursed into walking. For men wondering how to become taller, there can also be risk of complications, if the rate of lengthening is too slow, the bone can heal before the target height is achieved. Leg lengthening can also lead to nerve and blood vessel damage which may require surgery to resolve.


Despite the risks leg lengthening surgery is the most effective method in solving the question of how to become taller. Leg Lengthening surgery can provide the greatest level of increase of your natural height however the surgery is both painful and expensive and should only be considered after extensive research and consultation with medical professionals.


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