Tattoo styles guide

The Complete Guide on Tattoo Styles

Tattoos are an ever present addition to the fashion world. Industry experts estimate the UK tattoo industry to be worth £80 million a year with over 20 million Brits having at least 1 tattoo. To the wearer, a tattoos has a personal, symbolic, aesthetic, ethnic, cultural or even a spiritual meaning. The tattoo is a […]

How to get straight teeth

How to Get Straight Teeth (Types of Braces)

Teeth play an often under looked but significant role in physical attractiveness. Having a healthy smile with straight, white and clean teeth can positively affect the way other people perceive your personality. This can lead to social, female and financial benefits, which means every male should be asking to themselves: how to get straight teeth? […]

How to become taller

How to Become Taller

What are the Benefits of being Tall? How to become taller is a question pondered by many around the globe. One statistic which may startle you is 58% of Fortune 500 (The 500 largest U.S companies by revenue) CEO’s are 6 foot or over in comparison to just 14.5% of men in the U.S population. […]