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Best Mens Short Hairstyles for Summer

The fictional creation of Tommy Shelby graced the screens back in 2013, introducing the world to the lavish lifestyle of the Peaky Blinders. Since then the iconic style of the 1920’s has impacted not only men’s fashion but also men’s hairstyles. The undercut sides and textured crop haircut has been a prevalent choice in the barbers, allowing men to embrace the suave, dapper haircut of the Shelby brothers. From fades to slick backs, there is an array of terminology for the best men’s short hairstyles, all defining modernised classics.


Buzz Cut


Military influence has established a core contender in the best men’s short hairstyles. The buzz cut is crafted with clippers, cutting close to the hairline for an all over short, precise trim. From the induction cut to the Ivy League, the gradient line of buzz cuts is dependant on the desired length. Kanye West is the epitome of the induction cut. As the shortest of the best men’s short hairstyles, the induction cut is achieved without a guard, creating the ultimate shaved sophistication. If you do not feel brazen enough to pull of the full shaved look, the crew cut could be your choice from the best men’s short hairstyles. The lengthened hair at the forefront of the crew cut allows adaptability in styling. Shaped to the side or casually down, the crew cut enables flexibility from the selection of the best men’s short hairstyles.


best men’s short hairstyles


Blunt Fringe


As the favoured hairstyle of most male models, the blunt fringe is one of the best men’s short hairstyles. A blunt fringe is ideal for hiding a prominent forehead or visually altering the shape of the face. The blunt fringe is also ideal for men with thin hair as significant volume is created by blowdrying the hair straight down. For men worried about hair loss, a blunt fringe hairstyle does not require any hair wax or hair spray which means the scalp DHT levels can be maintained at low levels. (As DHT is what causes hair loss). A slanted fringe either to the side or forwards may be preferable to men with a rounder face shape. As one of the best men’s short hairstyles, the bunt fringe can be customised in length to individual preference whilst also taking years off your age due to its youthful nature.


best men’s short hairstyles


Fade Quiff


Within the best men’s short hairstyles, fades are an important attribute to consider. The technique of Barbour’s showcase different variations of clipping and razing to achieve specific fades. The high fade quiff, is a statement best men’s short haircut adding urbane class to men’s appearance. The undercut and pompadour styled haircut brings a modernised 1950’s inspiration to the best men’s short hairstyles, creating a voluminous style, with an overall sleek essence. The versatility of quiffs is suitable for all hair textures, to create messy, disconnected or classic quiffs. The gradual fade of the undercut adds a velvet delicacy, contrasting the voluminous upper top for ultimate hair envy.


best men’s short hairstyles


Slick Back


Another rendition of the best men’s short hairstyles comes from the innovation of a 60s classic. The modern slick back incorporates a faded undercut for clean definition, whilst the excess hair is slicked back for a cool, sleek finish. Think along the lines of Alex Turner and the release of AM. The slick back style adds ultimate class to men’s style, a perfect hair cut to accompany luxury tailored wear. The ideal undercut to enhance a slick back style would be a skin fade, for a more structured finish, adding emphasis to the sleekness of the slick back.


best men’s short hairstyles


The variations of short hairstyles are endless, allowing men with all texture of hair to discover the idealistic style to suit them. Adapted and modernised, its undeniable that all are influenced from the iconic decades that have gone before, tweaked and restyled to create excellence within the hair styles of the contemporary man. The practicality of shorter hair means less time needed on looking dapper, and keeping you looking and feeling cool in the summer seasons. From messy undercuts to side partings the changeability in styles and trends of the best men’s short hairstyles enable men to adapt the hairstyle to their very own individuality.


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