best men's oversized t-shirts

Menswear Essentials: Oversized T-Shirt (Best Men’s Oversized T-Shirts)

A classic oversized T-shirt is an essential piece for any wardrobe. Modern contemporary style, influenced by celebrities including Kayne West, incorporates a relaxed, easy-going silhouette for a stylish look. Originally, men’s T-shirts were predominately defined as aesthetically slim fitting however the progression of modern day style has seen a shift to a more casual, oversized vibe. Look below for a most wanted list of the best men’s oversized t-shirts.


Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, the fabric cut of clothes was purposefully cut wide, to establish strong cut lines and power dressing style renowned within that era. Band T-shirts (think along the lines of Metallica and Pink Floyd) emphasised anti-fit. The revival of these oversized T-shirts (and the love of rock music) is a vital opportunity to relive the rock age of the 80’s and nail the oversized T-shirt trend. Partnering with skinny black jeans, the best men’s oversized t-shirts incorporate the rockstar vibe into contemporary fashion.


best men's oversized t-shirts


The key to pulling off the oversized t-shirt is simple. Simplicity is key. There is no need to overcomplicate. Finer details, like zips and pockets compliment the oversized T-shirt trend, creating a chic look, without too much fuss. For that super casual feel, elongated joggers accompanied with beige Yeezy’s are the perfect combination for comfort whilst still creates a fashionable vibe. However, if simplicity seems tedious and if patterns are a personal favourite, a classic Alexander Wang striped oversized T is the perfect wardrobe essential.


The monochrome style of Stussy adds an artistic flair to an oversized T-shirt look. Collections from Balenciaga consisting of plain block colours add a current, Parisian feel. This is in even greater effect when worn with slim fitting pants and a pair of Balenciaga’s race runner trainers. But if the price tags of these brands seem too extreme, oversized T-shirts from brands such as ASOS and Topman result in the best men’s oversized t-shirts at affordable prices.


best men's oversized t-shirts


It is essential to remember that the best men’s oversized t-shirts should be the only item of clothing that are oversized when choosing an outfit. Creating the perfect paradox for outfits containing the best men’s oversized t-shirts, sees oversized tops combined with skinny jeans, tapered sweat pants or slim fit denim shorts to give an urban silhouette of quality style. Although complimentary, the opposite style aesthetics allows for a cool, yet collected vibe, and designed with a pair of Old Skool vans, incorporates an ambience of street style.


best men's oversized t-shirts


Whilst wearing one the best men’s oversized t-shirts, remember to keep it casual. It’s definitely not a style seen within the office, but that is what is unique about it. An essential piece that can be defined in all style genres like athleisure, skater, street style and ghetto, means its versatility in casual styles compensates for its lack of suitability for other occasions. It is definitely an essential piece to have in the wardrobe. The variety of designs and brands allow for men to choose an oversized t-shirt that compliments individual style, from a skater boy to a rock star these is a oversized t-shirt for any occasion. Find below a most wanted list of the best men’s oversized t-shirts are every price point.

Menswear Essentials (Most Wanted List)




best men's oversized t-shirts

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best men's oversized t-shirts

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best men's oversized t-shirts

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