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Best Men’s Long Hairstyles for Summer

Long hairstyles for men have grown in popularity over the years, with footballers, Hollywood actors and rock stars being a selection of celebrities who have sported the best men’s long hairstyles and setting new trends for men with long hair. Breaking the gender norm, men are now able to grow their hair long whilst still embracing a masculine, rugged look. No matter the texture of your hair – wavy, straight, thick or thin – there is a version of the best men’s long hairstyles for all hair types.


Straight Cut


A classic versions of the best men’s long hairstyles is the unlayered, sleek textured straight cut. Usually styled with a centre parting, the straight cut is a smooth finish, where hair is unlayered allowing for hair to be all one length. Popular within the Rockstar circle, the grunge-inspired best men’s long hairstyles were made prominent due to the likes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kurt Cobain, a classic style seen flying around in the mosh pits. The straight cut is an extremely versatile choice for men finding the long hairstyle for them. If grown to a long, chest length, men can use elasticated bands to tie half the hair in a ponytail, for a casual vibe, allowing the hair to remain off the face, relieving men of irritable strands. It’s also a classic style for a shoulder length. Minimal fuss and unnecessary layers makes this style a simplistic, timeless trend.


best men's long hairstyles


Surfer Curls


For men who have naturally curly hair, the surfer-inspired long hair cut is a prevalent choice of the best men’s long hairstyles. Synonymous with the keen surfers and the boho trend, long, wavy hair gives men a classic natural style, which is easy to maintain. Flowing loosely in an un-parted style, the textured haircut creates an effortless vibe, making men look irresistible on the surf board. But, you don’t need to be a hippy-loving surfer to pull off this look. Quality products like wax and curling moose are essentials for men with naturally wavy hair to keep their long hair in shape, locking the moisture into the curls for a healthy, effortless style.


best men's long hairstyles


Man Bun


Some of the best men’s long hairstyles aren’t always practical, and can sometimes become quite irritating for men, especially if strands constantly fall onto the face. The Man Bun is a sophisticated, and enticing of when searching for the best men’s long hairstyles. Not only a solution to practicality issues, the man bun is a modernised hairstyle that adds a rugged, macho essence to any man’s style. Effortlessly secured with an elasticated band, the bun needs to look purposefully messy to create the idealistic man bun. If you’re in a rush and lack time in calming the morning frizz of your long hair, the man bun is the saviour. Quick, easy and envisioning ultimate masculinity, the man bun is one of the best men’s long hairstyles in contemporary styling.


best men's long hairstyles


Side Swept Undercut


It’s understandable if some men aren’t ready to take the plunge into the styles of the best men’s long hairstyles, especially if you’ve been used to short hair for a long time. However, one of the hybrid options combining long and short hair is the side swept undercut. This is the ideal hairstyle for men who want to experiment with long locks but feel obligated to gradually evolve into the long hair trend. The side swept undercut incorporates intrinsic fading techniques on one side, whilst the opposite side sports the overly long hair, swept over to create a phenomenal statement hairstyle. The uniqueness of this type of the best men’s long hairstyles allows for men to gain a confident stance, enduring a rugged, hipster vibe (especially if you can grow an impressive beard to compliment the best men’s haircut). This style allows men to adjust to the long hair appearance, whilst still feeling comfortable with the juxtaposing shortness of the opposite side.


best men's long hairstyles


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