best men's leather backpacks

Menswear Essentials: Leather Backpack (Best Men’s Leather Backpacks)

Throughout the fashion decades, the backpack has become an essential feature, engrained within the best men’s accessories. From a time where only students and adventurers would be seen with a backpack for the practicalities, today’s generation incorporate backpacks for a statement look. The evolution of the backpack has grown in variability, as the fashion industry has progressed. From drawstring to canvas, there’s nothing quite as durable as the leather backpack. Find below a most wanted list of the best men’s leather backpacks.


Depending on your individuality, depends which of the best men’s leather backpacks are most suitable. For those men who want to make a luxury statement, the Armani leather backpack collections, create a sophisticated adaptation of a classic street style. With the leather adorned boldly with the brands emblem, the luxury backpack won’t be overlooked. The added detailing of side pockets makes space for all your menswear essentials and worn with both padded straps enables a structured posture, boasting confidence.


best men's leather backpacks


For a more elusive styling, yet still incorporating the high luxuriousness, a classic example of the best men’s leather backpacks from Balenciaga’s range subtly adds class to any outfit. The rendered detailing of the statement logo against the backdrop of the dark aesthetics tastefully emphasises the quality of this essential piece. Combined with tapered sweatpants and an elongated T shirt, the best men’s leather backpacks are the essential accompaniment to classic athleisure apparel. For an affordable substitution for a minimalist type of the best men’s leather backpacks, ASOS offers a similar design featuring jet black leather texturing, accessorised with zip detailing.


best men's leather backpacks


The military-inspired leather backpack, designed by Barbour, accentuates a strong, masculine aroma. The wax texture of the leather allows for durability and longevity, whilst the buckled straps emphasise a more traditional, gentleman tone. The tartan interior epitomises traditional high-class, British culture. Dr Marten’s solid structuring of the best men’s leather backpacks, with the quintessential detailing of the gold buckling, is another addition to a traditional gentleman style. The satchel-like influence adds intelligence and sophistication to an arty men’s style.


In contrast to the days where leather was only sourced from animals, the exquisiteness of some of the best men’s leather backpacks of today is that the adaptability of fabric engineering has enabled faux leather to be a popular choice for designers. So, for you vegan-loving, animal-protecting hipsters, you don’t have to miss out on sporting one of the best men’s leather backpacks. For a luxury backpack design, Ted Baker’s collection of faux nubuck leather is the ideal choice. The pastel palettes and sleek, minimalist designs really give that hipster look the final edge. The classic design and simplistic features (an external zipped pocket on the front) is a perfect accompaniment for the best men’s hipster style, and a bonus knowing no animals were harmed in the production.


best men's leather backpacks


Leather backpacks are epitomic to the best men’s accessorising. The durability of the textiles enables repeated uses, a desirable asset of an essential piece. The versatility in strap lengthening also contributes to creating the right male image. Elongated straps, worn on both shoulders, is a classic feature of a skater/hip hop style, whilst more secure fitting and structured posture creates a preppy vibe. The flexibility in styles of the best men’s leather backpacks means that all men can carry this essential bag with any outfit trend.


Menswear Essentials (Most Wanted List)




best men's leather backpacks

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best men's leather backpacks

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best men's leather backpacks

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