Best men's cropped trousers

Menswear Essentials: Cropped Trouser (Best Men’s Cropped Trousers)

The cropped trouser was originally seen as a passing trend however it has remained a permanent fixture within menswear over the last few years. Cropped trousers are generally either folded up or cut off slightly above the ankle bone. Read below to find my recommendation on the best men’s cropped trousers.


A reason for the Best men’s cropped trousers timeless appeal is its suitability for every style of attire. Cropped trousers can be just as easily worn in casualwear and formalwear. The cropped trouser also possesses the ability to not look out of place in black tie and even white tie outfits.


Best men's cropped trousers


The influence of the best men’s cropped trousers has stemmed from designers attempting to reduce the amount of fabric pooling at the bottom of trousers, allowing for a more seamless and flattering cut. Cropped trousers can add both style and elegance however when not done properly can lead to an embarrassing style defect.


The best men’s cropped trousers are particularly suitable during spring/summer. This style of trouser also allows your footwear to really stand out whilst keeping (and looking) cool at the same time. In my opinion there is no other way to wear certain shoes such as boat shoes, loafers, driving shoes than with cropped trousers. During autumn/winter socks should be worn and ideally matched to the colour of your footwear of choice. The sockless look is the best route to take during spring/summer however remember to purchase ‘invisible/liner socks’ for comfort and ease of use.


Best men's cropped trousers


In offices around the world the dress code is generally getting more and more relaxed, however in certain professions, particularly in the legal or financial services sectors, cropped trousers will still not be appropriate to wear at the workplace. On the other hand, in more casual and creative industries cropped trousers will fit with great aplomb.


Cropped trousers also look their best when the trouser in question is slim/tapered rather than skinny. Having trousers which are both skin tight and cropped will look more feminine then would be appropriate for any fashion conscious male.


Best men's cropped trousers


Desirable cropped trousers can be picked up at various price points. They are well stocked at both the high street and luxury fashion range. Vintage surplus stores can also be a fantastic place to find hidden gems. Below I will display 3 recommended options of the best men’s cropped trousers in order of low priced, medium priced and high priced.


Menswear Essentials (Most Wanted List)




Best men's cropped trousers

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Best men's cropped trousers

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Best men's cropped trousers

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