Best men's black jeans

Menswear Essentials: Black Jeans (Best Men’s Black Jeans)

A high quality pair of well fitting black jeans are arguably the first addition to the wardrobe of any fashion conscious male. My black jeans are the most frequent items of clothing I wear and provide a fantastic base when paired with black trainers/boots for a stylish outfit. Look below for the 3 best men’s black jeans suitable for people at any price range.


The best men’s black jeans are much more wearable than blue jeans through their ability to match seamlessly with nearly all colours. Black jeans are an investment piece and I would recommend any male to spend a little extra in order to get black jeans which are of a greater quality and contain a higher resale value.


best men's black jeans


The best men’s black jeans are an essential piece no matter your style and price point. Black jeans can be seen in great number on the high street, streetwear labels and even in high end fashion. High street jeans (especially ASOS) are a decent option for those on a budget however jeans purchased from denim specialists such as A.P.C, Acne or Nudie will prove to be worth the investment in the long term.


There is an array of fits and types of the best men’s black jeans you can purchase. This include; selvedge, waxed, biker, distressed and leather with fits including; baggy, straight, slim, skinny and spray on. I recommend purchasing regular stretch material black denim with at least 2% elastane. This will play a significant role in the level of comfort. Tapered (slim) jeans are also preferable to baggy or skinny. Skinny jeans can still however be appropriate when paired with boots and baggy jeans can look cool when rolled up to the ankle and paired with trainers. Black jeans have to be adapted to both the occasion and the rest of the outfit to really stand out in style.


best men's black jeans


Another advantage of black jeans is their ability to be suitable for any occasion. Unlike blue or grey denim, black jeans can still look appropriate when matched with a blazer for formal occasions. The best men’s black jeans will typically be smart enough to wear to a restaurant but when worn with casual items, comfortable enough to hang about in.


The casual simplicity of best men’s black jeans allows other items of your outfit to stand out. When wearing a statement piece such as a camouflage jacket – black jeans provide the perfect paradox to allow the jacket to really shine. The same is true of any statement piece. The first statement piece I purchased was a pair of black Gucci loafers. Pairing the loafers with black jeans ensures the Gucci loafers look their very best without looking ‘try hard’.


best men's black jeans


Below I will display 3 recommended options of the best men’s black jeans going in order of low priced, medium priced and high priced.


Menswear Essentials (Most Wanted List)




Best men's black jeans

Buy ASOS Skinny Black Jeans with Knee Rip Here




best men's black jeans

Buy Nudie Black Tight Long John Jeans Here




Best men's black jeans

Buy Acne North Stay Cash Jeans Here




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  1. The ASOS skinnys with the knee rip are clean. @magic_fox on instagram wears them a lot. They’re a necessity in every young mans wardrobe.

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