best men's aviator sunglasses

Menswear Essentials: Aviator Sunglasses (Best Men’s Aviator Sunglasses)

Aviator sunglasses were originally manufactured to shield the glare of the sun from US Air Force pilots. Once an essential piece for working pilots, they have now become a menswear essential for every summer season. Aviator sunglasses modernise the techniques originally developed within the design of aviator sunglasses. The oversize, teardrop shaped lens is synonymous with the classic aviator and characterises the suave style that aviator sunglasses accentuate. Famous for their appearance in Top Gun, aviator sunglasses have become a prevalent design amongst the best men’s Aviator sunglasses, sparking new demand for the distinct design.

Rayban are the founding fathers of aviator sunglasses as a menswear essential. The timeless collections masterfully captivate the aircraft inspiration, comprising high quality metals and varied lens to establish one of the best men’s aviator sunglasses. The quality crafted frames create a robust foundation, the curved handles carefully designed for close fitting and extra comfort, with the gold metal adding luxury colouration. The classic aviator sunglasses are the ideal choice for men airing a masculine style, adding a polished finish to any summer outfit. The teardrop silhouette not only showcases an iconic design but enables full protection around the eye. The beauty of Rayban is their elusive detailing, the brand emblem subtly printed in script, for a classy, genteel finish.

best men's aviator sunglasses

The development of the best men’s aviator sunglasses from Rayban has discovered an array of lenses for the suave style men are aiming for. The aviator gradient collection embeds a unique Ombre effect to men’s styling, available in varied tones from blue to beige, creating the ultimate cool sophistication for summer. The benefits of gradient lenses enable optimum visual clarity as well as the smooth transition of tonal palettes characterising a unique style. For those who like to showcase luxury apparel, the Rayban collections are elusive glasses that allow men to display statement designer pieces within the summer sun. 

Luxury fashion houses like Rayban are not the only designers who have mastered the best men’s aviator sunglasses style. Brands like Versace and Armani have remastered the timeless classic aviator, incorporating original design techniques as well as introducing finer detail to distinguish their designs from Rayban. A typical Versace piece embraces a thicker brow frame, making room for their brand emblem situated in the centre brow for distinct knowledge of high class luxury products. Armani aviator designs incorporate couture detailing and technical precision to complement distinguishing Armani apparel. The thicker rim surrounding the lenses establishes a more noticeable outline, adding to the quality of materials worked together to design the best men’s aviator sunglasses.

best men's aviator sunglasses

Whilst Rayban are the pioneers of the best men’s aviator sunglasses, other brands have masterfully replicated the aviator style, allowing men to admire the quality work of aviator assemblage at more affordable prices. ASOS is the opportune platform for a diverse range in the best men’s aviator sunglasses. High street brands have collaborated with ASOS to showcase the upcoming trends for this summer, with New Look, TopMan and River Island all pitching their selection of best men’s aviator sunglasses. The classic dark tinted lens, with lightweight frames are a classic replica of the best men’s aviator sunglasses. The slim arms and curved tips allows for a secure fit, whilst adding a delicate essence of supreme style. The high street designs are identical to the innovations of Rayban, embedding the quality craftsmanship of their predecessors. 

best men's aviator sunglasses

The best men’s aviator sunglasses are an essential summer apparel that needs to be worked into every man’s wardrobe. The aviator is a versatile design, suiting all face types and appearances. The teardrop silhouette is a unique characteristic of the aviator bringing air flight craftmanship into modern fashion, to create a sleek, masculine style, that also protects from the ultraviolet rays. Aviator sunglasses are the most prominent feature in summer menswear collections, perfect addition for beach holidays and festival weekends. 

Best Men’s Aviator Sunglasses (Most Wanted List)


best men's aviator sunglasses
ASOS Aviator Sunglasses


best men's aviator sunglasses
Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses


best men's aviator sunglasses
Cutler and Gross Aviator Sunglasses

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