Vitruvian Magazine is the ultimate resource for men looking to consume a modern form of media involving lifestyle themes discussed from real experience. The Vitruvian Man is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 designed to demonstrate the ideal geometric proportions of the human male body. This website is for those men who wish to become the optimum version of themselves.

The website’s primary focus is on fashion with secondary sections grooming, fitness and body alteration (tattoos, piercings etc). Conceived from the directional aesthetic of founder Ehti, our ethos is ‘Digital Lifestyle Consultancy’. Vitruvian Magazine is one of the only online publications to give real ‘consultancy’ on streetwear, luxury fashion and independent brands.

Fashion is split into brand profiles, style guides and menswear essentials. The titles are relatively self explanatory with each article containing a collection of the very finest items of clothing available from recommended retailers at various price points. The links to clothing are constantly updated every day which means you can be sure even older articles are still fully up to date. Grooming, Fitness and Body Alteration each include 3 subcategories which along with giving key information also provide recommendations of unique products and services from around the world.

Discover premium streetwear brand Vivencis Collective. VC is a curation of modern street culture for the ‘individuals’. Watch out for Vitruvian Lab in the near future. VL will be a independent retailer providing a experimental showcase of emerging designers and established luxury brands. This will pioneer a concept unrivalled by traditional high end retailers. The worlds of fashion and underground music will also be united through Vivencis Sessions events giving back to the global community of creatives influencing culture.